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BWT Rondomat Duo next generation

In the next generation, the Rondomat Duo convinces with innovations in the areas of safety, hygiene and technical progress. The new Rondomat Duo 5.2. is also the optimal addition to the family of large softeners.

BWT E1 single lever filter with HydroMODUL

Our filter classic, the BWT E1 single-lever filter, is now available by popular demand with the revolutionary HydroMODUL connection technology for faster filter assembly: simply dock, secure, done!

BWT Corades

New hygiene routines have become established in our everyday lives; we disinfect our hands several times a day. But conventional brands massively attack the protective layer of the skin, it quickly becomes dry and cracked - especially with frequent use. An unpleasant pungent odour also remains. BWT Corades offers the perfect solution here!
AQA Guard Wireless

Safety PLUS package

Tap water damage is increasing from year to year. The consequences can be expensive and unpleasant. That's why the new generation of BWT Perla water systems comes as standard with a sophisticated safety system that offers effective protection against water damage. The BWT Perla model series virtually monitors itself and the installation.

D1 sets new standards

With the new D1, BWT is now also setting new standards in the field of pressure reducers! It protects domestic water systems from pressure damage, reduces water consumption and ensures sound insulation. The new master among the pressure reducers convinces with technology, design, an unbeatable full range and digital added value.

The AQA therm Pure Heat bid

Natural, perfect heating water without additives!
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