Safety PLUS package

BWT Perla model series

AQA Guard Wireless
AQA Guard Wireless
With the AQA Guard Wireless water sensor you can provide additional safety. As an optionally available accessory, it can be used to detect possible water leakage at up to 10 other locations in the house - e.g. in the kitchen or bathroom.
AQA Guard Wireless

Safe all around

Every 2 months, impor­tant system compo­nents - such as water meters, brine meters or elec­tronic compo­nents - are auto­mat­i­cally checked.

The status display provides infor­ma­tion on the unit or online as to whether there is a malfunc­tion (lights up red) or whether regen­er­a­tion agent must be refilled (lights up yellow).

This allows the water supply to the domestic water network to be moni­tored. A warning message is issued in the event of perma­nently low volume flows (< 60 l/h over a period of > 10 minutes).

Prevents water damage caused by flushing water in the event of a power failure. In an emer­gency, the waste water valve closes, the control valves remain in the respec­tive oper­ating state and programmed para­me­ters are perma­nently stored. Partic­u­larly impor­tant when using flush water lifting systems.

Control valves and motor inter­sec­tion close and shut off the water instal­la­tion in the direc­tion of flow after the BWT Perla and provide safety with wired floor sensor.

Provides safety by moni­toring and limiting water volume. Program­mable to water volume to be deter­mined on site with unin­ter­rupted flow.

*not with BWT Perla One, optional acces­sory

How to activate the AQA Guard

AQA Guard Wireless

Wireless protection for more safety

Safety PLUS package

Tap water damage is increasing from year to year. The conse­quences can be expen­sive and unpleasant. That's why the new gener­a­tion of BWT Perla water systems comes as stan­dard with a sophis­ti­cated safety system that offers effec­tive protec­tion against water damage. The BWT Perla model series virtu­ally moni­tors itself and the instal­la­tion.