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In the next gener­a­tion, the Rondomat Duo convinces with inno­va­tions in the areas of safety, hygiene and tech­nical progress. The new Rondomat Duo 5.2. is also the optimal addi­tion to the family of large soft­eners.

What we improved

With its thermal insu­la­tion, the Rondomat Duo sets new stan­dards!

This ensures sustain­able insu­la­tion against ambient heat and ensures that the water in the drinking water system remains cold for much longer (complies with DIN 1988-200). This is also a plus for the hygiene of the drinking water: the less intense heating of the water in the pipes also prevents or signif­i­cantly slows down the multi­pli­ca­tion of germs. In addi­tion, the forma­tion of conden­sa­tion water is prevented.
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A retrofit set was developed for the previous model, with which the old Rondomat Duo models can also be retrofitted with thermal insulation and thus brought up to the current state of the art at low cost.

The novel IoT control enables easy operation and control of the Rondomat Duo devices.

New IoT control

Easy use and control

All operating parameters can be viewed and set at any time on the modern touch display. Thanks to full connectivity and the BWT Best Water Home app, all data is also available on the move. For example, the regeneration agent supply can be queried, the water quantity checked or error messages displayed.

In the event of implausible water consumption or leaks, a message is also issued via the intelligent control system thanks to sophisticated safety systems (AQA Watch/AQA Guard). The illuminated logo on the device - the BWT water drop - also shows the status of the system in different colours, virtually in passing. If the drop is yellow or red, you can find out what to do on the touch display or in the app. If it is blue, everything is OK.

Performance instead of costs

The Rondomat Duo impresses with high flow rates despite a rela­tively small resin volume. This is made possible by the uniquely short salt dissolving time of the regen­er­a­tion salt.

Thanks to the accel­er­ated regen­er­a­tion process, regen­er­a­tion can be carried out more often and optimum hygienic safety can be achieved.

Due to smaller dimen­sioned resin beds, the pres­sure loss across the resin bed is lower, which enables a higher perfor­mance. With this effi­cient mode of oper­a­tion, even small systems are suffi­cient to ensure a large quan­tity of soft water and high volume flows.

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