The AQA therm Pure Heat bid

Natural, perfect heating water without additives!

With the AQA therm Move Power and AQA therm HWG, we help you to achieve a treated heating water that offers all the prerequisites for occupational safety, consumer protection and environmental protection.


The benefits

AQA therm MOVE Power hebt die mobile Heizungsbefüllung auf ein neues Level!

BWT AQA therm MOVE Power

The compact complete unit works particularly precisely and economically - saving money and protecting the environment

This is how the AQA therm Move Power is put into operation

The high­lights

  • Produces up to 80 m³ filling water*1
  • Capacity approx. 320-360 l/h*2
  • Saves the use of 1,000 litres of ion exchange resins 
  • "Speed-Connection-System" an inde­pen­dent diaphragm change without customer service is possible.
  • Impor­tant oper­ating para­me­ters are recorded and can be shown on the display or in the BWT RO app
  • during venting of the heating system by auto­matic replen­ish­ment
  • Stair­case acces­sible due to star wheels
  • Including AQA therm MOVE Case*3


*1 (at 20°dH & approx. 600 μS/cm conduc­tivity) *2 Depending on inlet pressure/temperature *3 (filter/connec­tion hoses/adapter)

AQA therm HWG for fixed installation


The AQA therm HWG consists of the compo­nents AQA therm HFB (heating filler block), AQA therm HES (heating station) and the dispos­able cartridge SRC (salt reducing cartridge). An AQA therm HRC (hardness-reducing cartridge) can also be screwed onto the AQA therm HES (soft­ening).

The highlights

  • For filling and refilling of systems
  • System separator according to EN 1717: Protects the drinking water from backflow and interference by the heating circuit
  • electronic display for easy settings
  • Capacity approx. 240 litres per SRC-L cartridge at 20 °dH


Aqa therm HWG Aqa therm HWG
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